“New Wine This Week” Club

So I was having a think about new year’s resolutions the other day. I don’t usually bother. Most of the things you decide to do are usually all forgotten about by February anyway, but this year I really fancied finding something I had a chance of keeping it all going.

So there I was on Twitter and read up a tweet by Anthony from “Confessions of a Wine Geek”. It was a “what’s anybody doing special wine-wise in the new year?” kind of thing. I thought it’d be cool to have a flick through the lesser known wines, so I replied and said “I’m going to have a brand new wine every week for the rest of the year!”

Anthony was well up for that too, so a few messages and emails back and forth later, and the two of us have decided to start up a “New Wine of the Week” club. Plan is to publish a wine on twitter on the Monday, and then you’ve got a week to have a drink, and hopefully pair it up with some great food too.

A bit more formally:

– New Wine of the Week posted each Monday on Twitter
– Each wine needs to be readily available (in the UK and hopefully elsewhere) and affordable
– If you’re up for it, then buy the wine and have a drink
– Tweet your thoughts using the #newwinethisweek hashtag or reply to any of the blogs posted
– Anthony’s going to keep a score chart on his website confessionsofawinegeek.com, simple 0-10 scale but you’ve got to argue your point!
– All countries and lots of grapes is the target, but if you’ve got a suggestion we’d love to hear it!

So there you go. I think the plan is to start this Monday, so make sure you’re following us both on Twitter, and keep an eye out for the hashtag.

As I said earlier, we’re going to try make sure we can pair it with some good food too, so bring on the foodies, the dinner parties, and plenty of pictures of you and your friends having some top nights with some great food, and some new wines.

Happy 2014 to everyone out there, get involved!




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