New Wine This Week 60 – I is for IGT

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We’re onto the letter I this week and I’ve decided to go for IGT. IGT is short hand for Indicazione Geografica Tipica. You guessed it, it’s Italian for something. It’s one of the regulatory levels for making wine in Italy.

The older and more settled levels are DOC and DOCG, which you’ll have seen on the back of bottles, and on their necks. That’s where you get things like Chianti, or Barbaresco, or even Amarone. These are the old school classics of Italian wines and are subject to strict production laws.

The next leg along is the IGT production level. The winemakers are allowed to try different grapes, or different techniques, but are still subject to certain quality assurances for how they handle the production. Most of them are based down in the South where new money and desire are bringing new successes. They arguably offer the best value in the world of Italian wine.

The IGT belongs to a region in general, rather than a specific grape or wine style. Last year I did IGT Sicilia (Sicily), and so this week I’m heading back to the mainland and going for IGTs from the mainland of Italy.

This weeks picks are…

Sainsbury’sTaste The Difference Primitivo, IGT Puglia @ £8.00

Spirited WinesFeudi di San Gregorio Rubrato Aglianico, IGT Campania @ £17.50

WaitroseItalia Primitivo, IGT Puglia @ £7.49

VinmonopoletGirelli Virtuoso Primitivo, IGT Puglia @ NOK 199,90





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