New Wine This Week 59 – Hunter Valley Was Beyond Me!

59 Sad Face

I’ve put it off long enough. It’s time to confess. I didn’t get a chance to try any Hunter Valley Semillon this weekend! I looked high and low and simply could not find a bottle anywhere near where I lived.

Some people might suggest that I could have shopped around the internet and surely found some delivery service to sort me out. I’m sure they’re right, but that wasn’t the point of new Wine This Week when it was started. The point was to take people through what was on the supermarket shelves and get them drinking more than just the 3 for £10 Blossom Hills and the corner shop Pinot Grigio. Unfortunately if the wine’s not there, then it’s not there, I can’t try it!

It would appear that Hunter Valley Semillon is just not popular enough, or let’s face it, cost-effective enough to stick on the shelves round here. I’m hopeful that, like wines like Lambrusco, it will have its days in the sun once more. But clearly not right now.

For those who did try it, I really hope you loved it, and the food suggestion went well. It’s on to the next one!

Yours thirstily


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