New Wine This Week 59 – H is for…Time To Vote!


So it seems that H wasn’t the easiest one for us all. We’ve got the quota of five, but only just. Nice thing is that we’ve got plenty of variety to have a go at, so get voting for what we’re going to do next week.

Normal voting rules apply, one vote each and we’ll close it in a few days.  I’ve got 5 options for you to have a go at, a pretty diverse bunch they are too!  What do you all fancy doing?


The country of Tokaji. Famous also for dry whites from the Furmint grape.

Hunter Valley

Wine region, north of Sydney, famous for aged Semillons (dry white wine).


Highlands of Scotland = whisky! No country does it better, end of story!!


Sub-region of Bordeaux, the northern tip of the left bank. Fantastic value claret available!


Aussie wine region in the state of Victoria, serious Shiraz country.

So there you are guys and girls, a few to have a go at, get voting!



5 thoughts on “New Wine This Week 59 – H is for…Time To Vote!”

      1. I understand. But at least I would hope Hermitage would be in the running…

      2. I’m starting to worry that you’ve mentioned it as a suggestion and I’ve missed it, is that what’s happened? If so, I’m really sorry boss. You’re completely right that it’s a pretty important “H” in the world of wine!

      3. No, it is unfortunately me who missed the nomination post. It’s okay, I don’t think Hermitage will suffer 🙂

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