New Wine This Week 58 – G is for…

letter G

So following my exam, the Primeur tasting week, and a good mate’s wedding, the last two weeks have fair old flown by. So guess what? I’m behind with my blogging! Sorry about that all.

So what I’ll do is leave this poll open for the full week, closing it on the night of Sunday 12th April. Here are the options for the letter G:



Village in Burgundy, famous for reds from Pinot Noir, can be a bit expensive


Red wine appellation from the Southern Rhône, Grenache blends


One of the oldest wine growing countries


Aromatic white grape variety, great with Asian food


Grenache, Syrah, and Mouvedre red wine blend, made famous by the Australians


Get those votes in!

Cheers all



3 thoughts on “New Wine This Week 58 – G is for…”

  1. I wish I knew more about wine. All I know is red gives me a headache, I don’t like dry wines. I like sweet white. Now to find a great sweet white wine. Any ideas?

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