New Wine This Week #57 – What We Thought of Fermentation Week

#57 - food and wine

For fermentation week you need to read Carbonic Maceration week. And from that read Beaujolais. Yes there are other wines round the world made in this method, but Beaujolais is the most available for us all, so there we are. That’s what we all tried this week. Lovely ruby red, light, and fruity Beaujolais.

Er that’s about it right? What am I looking for in Carbonic Maceration that I wouldn’t get with normally ferments? A vibrant colour and light body is indicative. And then some additional smells of boiled sweets and bubble gum. Those sound a bit weird, granted, but it’s all do to with the acids and compounds that are created. So did the two I tasted face up to the test?

First up was the Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Beaujolais-Villages (which they very kindly donated!). This one’s priced at £8.25 normally. So what was it again? Vibrant ruby red colour? Check! I got raspberry and bubble gum smells (check!) although it was a bit tough to smell. I really had to get my nose in there. On the taste there were some tannins (that grippy stuff round the gums) in there, but they were pretty soft and didn’t cause too much of a fuss. Body was light, finish (how long the tastes lasted in the mouth) was pretty short, but it had a lovely level of acidity to it all, which made it really refreshing. A good 13/20, I’d happily buy this again.

Next up was the Au Beau Moulin, Moulin a Vent, from Spirited Wines. Bit pricier this one at £15, would it justify the step up in cost? Again it was a lovely vibrant ruby red colour, and there was a clear boiled sweet smell to it, with red fruits of raspberry, strawberry and, cherry. The body was slightly fuller, but still not what you’d call full. Let’s just say less light! This one had a slightly longer finish, so that with the slightly higher number of flavours nudged this one up to 14/20 for me. I did really like it.

Overall both were great examples of Carbonic Maceration. The Au Beau Moulin just nudging out on top, but just shy of double the price.

The food went very well, in that I cooked it well. I think the vinegar based sauce was a tad too tart for any wine really, but that was probably me messing the recipe up a bit! Only a bit mind. Hopefully the Roux Brothers will forgive me.

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