Need A Pre-Theatre Swifty?


The wife and I started trying to take advantage of living in London and re-introduced date nights into the week. I head onto Amazon Tickets, or whatever is spamming me with emails at the time, and pick up a couple of slots in the cheap seats at the back. Last of the romantics clearly! But whatever point there was in trying to save a couple of quid on ticket prices is blown out the water when you get into the bar area and it’s £10+ for a crap G&T. So what if there was a great place to go get a drink beforehand…

…well funny you should mention that. I’ve started doing Friday nights at a drinks market in Covent Garden, just off the back of Drury Lane. I’m the wine guy there, but you’ve got artisan ales, ciders, vodkas, gins, mixers, all from small up and coming companies. And they’re all being sold at retail price. From £15 from a great bottle of bubbly to £5 for a top drawer double G&T. The quality’s great, the prices are great, this place should be packed to the rafters every week!

But weirdly, it isn’t…yet anyway. I say weirdly, it’s not weird at all, it’s because the site is down a side alley off Drury Lane. If you don’t know it’s there then it’s not going to be somewhere you’re just going to stumble across. So here you go with this blog post. You all know it’s there now, so no excuses!

Come on down after work, or before the theatre, it’s on every Friday between 5 and 9 in the evening. There’s no danger you won’t love it. See you there.




The VBAD Market is every Friday, 5pm til 9pm, at Startisans on Shelton Street in Covent Garden. Whack it in Google, you can’t miss it!



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