My Mate Pier


Where the bloody hell has the time gone? The wife and I have to drive home next week, back to Blighty and start real life all over again! Time has 100% got away from me since I’ve been here and, as per bloody usual, I’m rushing to do everything I need to do in the last few days. There was no way I could have left here without seeing my mate, Pier.

Pier is the sales guru for Collina Serragrilli, a winery in the hills on the way into the town of Neive. Neive is a great little place to visit if you ever come around these parts. Beautiful little old town, one of the three villages of the Barbaresco territory (the Queen of Italian red wines), and the amazing Curletti’s Pasticerria. But when I come here these days, it’s usually to meet up with Pier!

I probably met him for the first time just over 10 years ago, and the winery has since gone from strength to strength and managed to export wines all over the world. The engine room is Rosanna (his wife) and her sisters, Le Tre Donne (the three women), who are the wine makers. These ladies don’t make everyday drinkers, every wine is a very high quality! But when you visit the place, it still feels like meeting up with old mates and there’s always time for a cheeky aperitivo!

This time around Pier was doing his best not to collapse infront of us. He’d arrived back from a trip to Brazil the night before. A successful trip I might add, with their wines now gracing restaurant tables in the likes of Rio and Sāo Paolo. But still, absolute trooper for getting out of bed and spending a morning with us, a bottle or two of wine, and some ridiculously tasty Swiss cheese, that we pretty much finished off!

I love their wines, and I’m really happy for them that they continue to win national and international awards for their wines. They deserve it all and more, probably starting with a fresh block of cheese!



P.S. Give me a shout if you fancy trying any of their wines. I can get you a full list of their products, which include Barbaresco, Barolo, Gavi di Gavi, and much more!



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