My First Wine Book Review!

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Most of my family love their books. They’ve always got one on the go, in fact my mum is part of one of those reading clubs which, from what I can work out, is effectively a drinking club with a bad reading habit. But me though? Yeah kind of just passed me by really. I managed to get through A-Level History without actually reading a book, just didn’t see a need. Not when there were drums to be played instead!

Getting more into the wine world though means that I’m reading more. I brush up on stuff from food and wine pairing theories to my fat volume of the Oxford Companion of Wine to get through the WSET. Cheers Jancis!

I also like to check out what wine writers are up to, and one who I’ve got to know over the past few months of trade tastings, Simon Woods, sent me a copy of his new book to have a go at.

“I Don’t Know Much About Wine But I Know What I Like” is a revised second edition, updated with all these modern things like the best wine apps to use, or the latest gizmos that are on the market and whether they’re worth it or not.

I’ve got to say it’s a very easy read! There were some nervous moments when I was reading the do’s and dont’s off writing about wine. I was hoping I didn’t fall foul of too many of the rules!!! Otherwise it’s a really well written collection of discussion points for people who like their wine and want to step it up a notch. It’s not for a complete beginner into wine, but it doesn’t pretend to be. It’s about taken your current interest (and level) and running with it.

Nice work Mr Woods!



“I Don’t Know Much About Wine But I Know What I Like” is available for £8 on Simon’s website, on Amazon, or in selected wine shops round the UK



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