My First Go At Proper Armagnac!


I was over in Paris a couple of weekends ago to attend 20h33’s annual soirée we put on for clients. We’d booked it in a few weeks before, so I decided to take the wife over with me and spend the weekend there. The weekend before the soirée, unfortunately, there were the rather horrible goings-on there and as much as we went for the event and the soirée (and it was great) I was a bit unsure about what the atmosphere would be like over the weekend.

I needn’t have worried. All the best and worst bits that city has to offer were completely unchanged. The best bit ever for me is the bakeries. Honestly, if I lived in France I’d be twice my weight right now! I just can’t say no to it all. So on the way over to see our friend on Saturday for an Armagnac tasting, we picked up some macarons, which went…well…they went!

Jean-Philippe runs the sales for Domaine De Charron Armagnac. I’ve known him for a while through 20h33, and before I started selling it into the UK I wanted to know more about Armagnac, and what there was to offer.

J-P mentioned that his biggest challenge is to convince people that it isn’t Cognac! People call all brandy “Cognac” in the same way they call all sparkling wine “Champagne”. It’s incorrect, it misses the huge differences that exist, and it pisses the producers off!

Armagnac is usually a vintage product, whereas Cognac is usually a blend of years. Armagnac uses just a continuous still, whereas Cognac often uses a pot still. Armagnac is cut, and can sometimes be dirtier and rougher than it’s more northerly neighbour, but in spirits that adds character. And after one afternoon and a plate of macarons I was convert.

I love the stuff!




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