My First Go At A Bottle Of Smurf Piss


A few months ago there were a couple of companies that were introducing blue wine into the mix. Wine-o’s were all chatting away on social media and in the press about what they thought about this “creation”. Most were pretty horrified that this was even associated with the word “wine”, but I tried to reserve judgement til I’d at least tried a bottle. Well this weekend I finally did, so I can now let rip 😉

Blue wine came about because for a few reasons there’s a lot of left over wine in the world that no-one knows what to do with. So a few people based in Spain decided in their infinite wisdom to buy up a few hectoliters of cheap arse wine, colour it with violet extract, and thrown in a bit of sweetener. The result was shocking blue wine that you could sell for f$%k all and it looked a bit funky.

I said it at the time of the original article, and I’ll say it again now. It’s a party wine. It’s for kids who are out getting boozed at a bar to have a go at. Let’s be fair, it was always meant for that. But now I’ve tried one of them I can confirm my suspicions, it’s absolutely horrible shit. It doesn’t taste of anything other than sweetener and it rips the back of your throat out after two or three sips. I think even the 16 year olds in the park are going to have trouble having a session on this stuff.


I’m not having a pop at the guys and girls who came up with this, they’re trying to solve a problem and make a few quid out of it in the middle. Good luck to them for that. But it should really be back to the drawing board for them over what is (at least the one I tried) a pretty nasty product. I am genuinely feeling bad for sounding so harsh, but it really was a shocker.




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