Massive Congrats To Those Bordeaux Bound


Whilst I’ve been away on my holidays the winners of the Millesima Blog Awards for 2017 have been announced and I’d love to dedicate today’s post as a massive and belated congratulations to all the winners!

Daniel, Chiara, and Agnes from Europe and Rob, Lisa, and Jeff from the US. You’re all in for one hell of a week. Pack lots of phone and camera chargers and your best set of stretchy pants to cope with the amazing food and wine coming your way.

I think I speak for all of the 2016 winners when I say we’re really jealous 🙂

Have a great time!




The winners in full…


Wine Travel category:

Rob Frisch (USA) – Odd Bacchus
Daniel Ercsey (Hungary) – WineSofa


Food and Wine Pairing category:

Lisa Denning (USA) – The Wine Chef
Chiara Bassi (Italy) – Perlage Suite


Wine Reporter category:

Jeff Burrows (USA) – Food Wine Click!
Agnes Nemeth (Hungary) – Hungarian Wines



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