Marathon Training With A Difference


I’m one of those people that needs a challenge set otherwise will power alone sometimes falls a bit short. And never more so than with my exercising. I’ve struggled a bit since the turn of the year getting myself back to the gym and been feeling a bit shit as a result. It’s the most forgotten thing about exercise, the serotonin boost you get the otherside of it. Also being able to see my…toes is nice! So I’ve finally done something about it. 

I’ve signed up for the Marathon Du Medoc. This is a 26 mile run based in Bordeaux in September. But it’s a marathon with a difference. Across the 26 mile track are dotted different wine tasting stations at various Chateaux along the way. So not one of those that you’re going to nail down a personal best time, but one that’s definitely right up my street. Tick a marathon off the bucket list and get some wine tasting done on the way round!

But I can’t take it too lightly. I’ve signed up JB and Vincent, my business partners from France. I cannot let Queen and country down by letting them beat me, no matter how drunk I get on the way round. So training began yesterday with a 20 week program off the net. 2 days in is fine, let’s see how we are 2 weeks in 🙁

Wish me luck



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