Marathon Du Medoc 2017 – What Do I Wear?


So the time is drawing nearer to 2017’s Marathon Du Medoc.  It’s a marathon run across the left bank of Bordeaux, through the vineyards, with wine tasting stations, oyster bars, and steak sandwiches throughout.  I did it last year for the first time and am well up for doing it every year for the rest of my life as long as the legs obey, it’s so much fun!

Fancy Dress

Each year you get a theme for the fancy dress.  I usually roll my eyes at fancy dress, especially when it’s a mate’s party or something.  I just think “ah bugger off man”, I’ll wear what I like.  Well for my first marathon I relented and JB & I did Peter Pan and Tinkerbell for the “fairytales and legends” theme.  So glad I did, I reckon easily 95% of the runners were dolled up.  When everyone gets stuck in like that it makes it absolutely brilliant.

Need Your Help

So this year’s theme is “vinyl records”.  So it’s time to think of a costume that fits the bill.  Me and the 20h33 team are trawling through the costumes of rockstars from the golden age of vinyl records, but maybe I’m not thinking big enough?  I started off thinking Ziggy Stardust, but then I reckon that jumpsuit would chaff a bit after 40kms (yikes!).  Any suggestions?

Training in full swing now, so pretty confident I can fit into most costumes, so bring it on!




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