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A fella called Rudi got in touch a couple of weeks back and he’s had a go at making a film about Burgundy. I say “had a go”, this is a pretty full on and impressive production. But I mean, where do you even start with that? Do you concentrate on it from a touristy view? From a winemaking view? Or from a boozing point of view? Wine and winemaking means so many different things to so many different people that it’s a ridiculously open ended project. I got sent the trailer to look at, and ok it’s not the entire film, but the signs are there that he’s done a good job.

Fancy A Visit To Burgundy?

Something this film is undoubtedly there to promote is the tourism side of things. It’s an unashamedly “this is why you wine-o’s out there need to go to Burgundy!” From the vineyards and the architecture, all the way to the local boys having their traditional knees up and plenty of name dropping (rightly so) of the best wines around.

La Passion, Oui Oui!

But it’s not just about that. As the title says, it’s trying to capture the passion of it all. With winemaking especially, the journey from getting those grapes growing to sticking them in an acceptable form in a glass for us all to glug at dinner, is a pain in the arse. God help you if you don’t have a passion for that. Capturing the pain and the pleasure in equal parts seems very important in the film.

15 Minutes Of Fame

As I started this with, wine means different things to different people. It’s what many TV shows in particular have missed out on in the past. You can’t have just a film of people getting drunk in a barn, same as you can’t have just a few chats in palatial Châteaux with sommeliers. From the brief trailer I’ve seen that’s what this Burgundy film does well. All the players in the industry get a go, from the winemaker to the end…ahem…consumer.

Stocking Filler

£15 might sound a bit punchy, but the work that’s gone into this is evident. So maybe a stocking filler for the Burgundy nut in your life, or even better for the budding film-maker that fancies a go at something similar. It appears very neatly done, and very watchable.


Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine is available…

– On DVD at Amazon right now, priced at £15

– On preorder on iTunes with release date set for the 9th January



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