Making That Find!


Whenever I go on holiday I tend to take the job with me. Luckily the job is food and drink, so the wife and mates tend not to mind me dragging them from one foodie haunt to the next. Well, except the beach bums, but they shouldn’t go on holiday with a ginger in the first place!

I’m always after THAT find. You know the one. Finding the best little tapas bar, or wine bar, or local restaurant. It’s such a cliché, but the one that all the locals go to and the tourists never get there. There are two massive upsides. One; you get to immerse in the culture which is why I like going on holiday in the first place. And two; you don’t have to cringe listening to English voices asking “does that come with chips?”

Last trip to Barcelona I found this place. It looked just like a butcher’s shop, with a couple of wooden stools. The wife and our two mates just walked straight past, but I popped my head in. It was heaving at the back of the room. Plates of hams, cheeses, fish, olives, peppers, and all that lot were flying around. Boom! We’re in!

After ordering a glass of vermouth (I love drinking this stuff in Barcelona) I got an empty glass. I was just about to give the fella in charge a nudge when he plonked a full bottle on the table next to me and walked off. You know you get those unlimited refill deals at fast food places? This was the same, but with wine and vermouth!

A few tapas plates and probably slightly more vermouth than was wise later, and we were on our way. But we’re keeping this place in mind for next time we’re round here. Top stuff.





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