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I’ve got quite a few bottles of wine in my flat.  Between the writing gig and the private sales, and the stock I need to hold to make sure the wife doesn’t go thirsty…well, it’s a few.  But living in a flat, or anywhere for that matter that doesn’t have the option of a cool and humid underground cellar, you need to hit up a bit of technology to look after your better bottles.

So off I went onto the Internet and started checking out what I could get for my (modest) money.  I needed something that would work well, wanted something that looked good, and was desperate for something that wasn’t going to break me financially.

After a couple of hours of searching and review reading, I’d found my brand; mQuvée.



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The choice is yours

Well, there’s probably more than one, but mostly it’s first up about what size do you need and where you’re going to put it.

I needed something fairly decent in size, so I went for a freestander that holds 196 bottles.  It slots nicely next to my cupboard in my office at home and I’ve got a good bit of ventilation space all the way around, which is very important!

mQuvée, like many producers of these things it must be said, offer the full range of built in, integrated, cabinet, and custom made designs.  You can go nuts if you want.  When I grow up and get a residence larger than a shoebox I’ll be straight back to them when I sort out my first proper kitchen.




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Not the same model I’ve got, this one’s got a few tricks and flicks

From a practical point of view, I was a bit unprepared.  The delivery guy (external company) just dropped it in the car park and drove off.  Getting it up the stairs with the help of one of our awesome porters was…er…tricky. For a start I dropped it on my neck, which wasn’t very bright.  So if you order anything like this, make sure you have a couple of big strong assistants good to go.

When unpacking it everything was great, it’s pretty much a plug and play.  One of the four little screw-on legs was missing somewhere, but that happens.  The customer services offered to send a replacement, but I’d already got the old DIY plastic packers on the go, which are working out lovely.

Within 10 minutes of switching it on, both zones (I went pimp and got a dual zone cooler) were where they were meant to be, and three months on they’ve not moved one bit.  So I’m pretty damn happy with the purchase.




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Little insight into my tidy stacking rules…

In a nutshell, yes.  This is a big model, not everyone needs to store nearly 200 bottles in their flat. I just do, and I need those bottles to be perfectly stored.  Not next to the window on a sunny day.  Not next to the radiator.  Perfectly stored.

Brand new and full price it’s just north of £1000, but you have to bear in mind a similar spec EuroCave is about twice the price if not a touch more.

It works great, it fits in the flat great, it looks great, and the customer service has been great too.  I really can’t complain.



Do have a look over on the website or on the UK sales website below if you’re thinking about taking the plunge into the world of wine fridges.

Or you can always give me a shout and I can try and answer any questions you’ve got.  I’ve done the research now, and I’m smugly confident I’ve made the right choice 😉






For more information head over to www.mquvee.com for the full product list 

Head over to www.winestoragecompany.co.uk to buy online in the UK





This is a sponsored post for mQuvée wine coolers, although I have actually bought one myself.

I promise that I will never write anything about companies where I do not support their products and what they’re trying to do.

The companies are forewarned that if I don’t like it, I won’t write about it.

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