Living My Life In 3×3


At the markets I run on the weekends we’re all pretty limited in terms of space. We get our gazebos up and whatever you can do under that 3m by 3m space is up to you. I have to say though, I find it really hard to make the space look half decent. Any suggestions anyone has would be more than welcome!

I’m selling wine, so it’s not like I can’t attract people in. The mere suggestion of free wine to sample is quite a useful tool. I mean that’s why I’m there in the first place, so that people can meet me and try the wines. I’m pretty confident that more than most will try the wines and love them. But I’ve been doing these for 6 months now, maybe it’s time to step it up a bit.

How do you create an atmosphere under a little tent? The thing I’ve been hoping for is some kind of bistro feel. I’m nowhere near that but I guess the best place to start is a bit of seating. I’ve got the space for people to come in and taste some stuff, and a couple of tables, but maybe it’s time to get one of the tables out of there, crack out the gingham table cloth and bread baskets and see where it goes?

Once you’ve got a bit of seating in there then it’s all about creating an atmosphere to have a go at. Most of the time I’m sat there in a food market, so it’s not out the realms of possibility to have a few bits of bread and nibbles kicking around is it? Then all I’m missing is a couple of cheapy speakers and some 1930s French Bistro classics on the iPod and job’s a carrot!

Or I could just leave it as it is…what do you reckon?




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