LinkedIn – Who’d Have Thought?


You know it’s funny. I’m one of these that is lucky enough to have spent time with some seriously bright individuals over the past couple of years giving me some great advice. Some of it I take on board, and some I leave on the back burner. Well a mate called Sarah had been banging on at me to sort out my LinkedIn profile for ages and to start using it to promote the wine business. Well, I took my sweet time, but it’s been really useful!

When I was at the bank for however many years I was there, I used LinkedIn (like everyone else) to pray/hope that a headhunter would check your profile, offer you a new job, and the gazillions of riches that would bring. Well obviously that never happened! So maybe my own naivety at how to use it had put me off.

So eventually, on the advice of Sarah, I’ve now started posting my blogs to the various wine groups, and low and behold I get more interaction from other wine-o’s round the world on this than on Facebook or Instagram! It’s seriously useful, especially as I’m trying to get out there and let people know that I’m a wine-o now and not a burnt out banker.

The profile picture needs some work I’ll grant you, but otherwise I’d seriously recommend you all having a go with it.




This is me on LinkedIn if anyone fancies connecting…click here

6 thoughts on “LinkedIn – Who’d Have Thought?”

  1. I linked in to LinkdIn as a broad social media strategy. Who am I kidding? I just signed on because it was the thing to do. I have been dodging people ever since. You know. The ones that automatically send out a request to everyone on their address book.
    I hadn’t thought about using it in a targeted way. Thanks.

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