Less What I Want To Do, More What I NEED To Do In 2016!

new year

Most people get to the start of a New Year and think about all these resolutions they could have a go at. Heading down to the gym, eating better, stop smoking, and all the usual stuff like that. Well I was having a think myself and realized that rather than stuff that I’d like to change, there are certain things that I genuinely need to achieve, otherwise this little jaunt of mine (following my dream and joining the wine industry) might need a rethink.

First up, I need to get back on YouTube. I really think that’s a platform that is so underused in the wine industry. Some of the YouTube channels that cover wine are just daft. Someone sits there, pours themselves a glass, tells you what it tastes like, gives it a score, and then it’s onto the next week. Am I missing something? How is that worth watching? So it’ll be back onto YouTube for me in the coming weeks, hopefully with a better idea of how to get everyone involved in drinking better wine.

I need to start making serious coin with 20h33. I made mistakes in 2015 with the time I spent on different things. PBMMW is great as I get the chance to do lots of different things, like going to this trade tasting, or going to that wine dinner. But sometimes you need to focus on what pays the bills, however clinical that sounds. I’ll be hosting more wine dinners, getting the brand out there to farmers markets, and working on business plans galore. Head down sunshine, head down!

And finally, and arguably most importantly, I need to spend time keeping in touch with people I’ve met in this journey so far. Twitter and Facebook and all that is one thing. But there’s nothing like actually sitting down with some, with a couple of glasses, and having a good catch up. This is a sociable industry, and sitting in my office shooting out a few tweets here and there just doesn’t cut it does it? 

I hope you’re all going to have a great time of 2016




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