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After I got through my latest set of Diploma exams last week it was time to get my head back on 20h33. JB’s been working hard on a brand new website, with bells and whistles all over the place, for the past few months. It’s looking amazing, and am really looking forward to getting it working for the UK. But before all that I’ve got a shed load of inputs to find and translate first. But it’s ok, I’ve got this French lark….”je m’appelle” and all that!

Use The Famous Wine-o’s

In all seriousness though, it’s the descriptions of the wines that can be tough going. I went through this phase of writing up my own tasting notes and putting them on the website. Then I realized that no-one really gave a shit what I thought. Whether or not I back myself, it’s the punters that matter, and if they want a Decanter or a WineSpectator tasting note there, then that’s what we have to try and find.

Amazon Binge

So this last week I pinged onto Amazon and sorted myself out with a few back editions of “Les Guides Hachette des Vins”, a bit of French wine scoring bible. It’s kind of the Michelin Guide, but for wine, with bottles getting just a write up (which is still good), a commendation, a one star rating, or a two star rating, or a three star (the top rating). Always nice to see that I’m stocking quite a few 2-Star + wines…you know…just saying!

Flakey Franglais

And a massive upside is that it’s forcing me to get better at French, especially wine-related French. Poor JB really has to put up with me. His English is great, and my Franglais isn’t. But here’s hoping dude, might be able to hold a conversation about more than just the weather in a few weeks 😉




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