Keeping Pooch Happy At The Stall


Each week that I work my market stall with the wines of 20h33, I try and learn something new. Or at least add something new to it. A couple of weeks back I thought about a new marketing gimmick. Dog treats! It’s a dog friendly paradise round my part of London, and I love them, so might as well get them happy before their owners try a tipple, eh? But something slightly weird came out of it! 

Doing the market stall is brilliant for my learning. How do you get people engaged who are otherwise just walking past? Is it a nod? A wink? Well, maybe not a wink, but you get the point. So here’s me thinking dog treats would work pretty well. If you’re a dog person, then I’ll like you, so I’m happy to fill my stall with them! It also helps getting people smiling from the word go.

Although something weird happened two weeks back. I was petting this Westie, and the owner said “you don’t want him do you?” I thought she was joking so just chuckled. Then she tried to just hand over his lead. I couldn’t believe it! I was a complete stranger to this lady, and this dog was absolutely lovely. What was happening? Turns out it was her sister’s dog and her sister didn’t want him anymore. I just looked at this beautiful, happy, and healthy dog and it just broke my heart that anyone would want to give him away! So we took him.

With my flat, I’m not allowed more than one pet, and we’ve already got a dog. So we knew it’d be a few days of just finding him a new home, but at least we could control where this little legend went. After a week of trying (and failing) to not get too attached, we’ve found him a permanent home.

But it’s made me a bit nervous about giving out too many dog treats! Maybe I’ll just stick to wine samples 🙂




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