It’s #SauvBlanc Day Tomorrow, What You Drinking?

I’m not normally one for these “grape days”. Every other bloody day it’s something like Barbera Day or Pinot Gris Week or something daft like that. And you only ever hear about it the day it’s happening anyway. What use is that? Well not this week boys and girls!!

International Sauvignon Blanc Day 

Friday May 5th 2017 is Sauvignon Blanc day. So there you go, a little bit of notice for you all to make sure you’ve got a suitable bottle in the chiller all ready fro when you get back from work.

One of the Megastars

It’s much easier for me to get behind this one, as Sauvignon Blanc is one of the big boys. The ones from New Zealand are arguably megastars of the world of wine, with millions of litres of the stuff drunk across the globe.

Check Out YouTube

To honour it, I’ve teamed up with Yealands Wine Estate, and their #expressyoursauv campaign, to chat my through their range of Sauvignon Blancs, would love to know what you think! Check out the vid 😉




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