Is Côtes Du Rhône France’s “New” Best Value Wine All Over Again?


Last week’s Côtes Du Rhône tasting in London showcased a range of reds, whites, and rosés from the Southern Rhône’s largest set of appellations; the Côtes Du Rhône, and the Côtes Du Rhône Villages.  These wines have been a UK favourite for years and so are readily available across supermarkets and restaurants around the country.  It’s good to have a few “go-to” labels in mind.

Keenly priced, I’d argue they are now competing once again with Southern French powerhouse, the Languedoc region, as some of the best value/quality ratio wines available from our friends across the channel.

Also noted that they were all a lot fresher than you’d expect from the notoriously warm Southern Rhone region, so can be great wines all the way into the summer months.

Here were some that really caught my eye…


Domaine De L’Espigouette, Côtes Du Rhône, 2018


Grenache Blanc and Viognier blend with oodles of apricot , orange blossom, jasmine, and a white pepper kick on the mouth.  Fullish body for a white wine means this will be a great all rounder come dinner time.

Available from Highbury Vintners


Maison Gabriel Meffre, La Châsse Reserve, Côtes Du Rhône, 2018


The ever reliable La Châsse is the perfect entry level Côtes Du Rhône.  Tonnes of black fruit, rose petal, and a really appealing freshness and lightness, this can be a lunch time sipper or a dinner time centre piece.  Amazing value at just £7 a bottle.

Available from Sainsbury’s


Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference, Côtes Du Rhône Villages, 2017

Vidal Fleury, Côtes Du Rhône Villages, 2015


Cheating a bit here as I’ve put two down for the price of one.  Well, I actually preferred the Vidal-Fleury, extra bit of age giving it a touch of game and dried fruit already.  Big issue is that it’s not yet available in the UK.  So sod that, let’s head back to Sainsbury’s for their TTD range, also made by Meffre from the previous entry.  More concentrated fruit, slightly more body, but just as fresh, a bargain at £8.50.

Available from Sainsbury’s


Go check them out and see what you think




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