I Was Listening To A Podcast This Morning…


I got sent an email link today to this series of podcasts. The last podcasts I ever listened to were the “My Dad Wrote A Porno” series (amazingly worth it if you get a chance!), but I think this one was likely to be more…er…educational. And so it proved. It was from this bloke called Geoff Kruth who works for the Guild of Sommeliers from over in the US. I think I’ve got that right anyway. He was having a chat with UK wine guru, Jancis Robinson. It was quite good fun really.

The Highlights

I’ll not give it all away, the link’s underneath, have a go yourselves. But main highlights for me were hearing that Jancis, this lass who most of the UK wine world holds in pretty high regard, put in plenty of graft to get to where she is now. Ok there was a bit of a 5 or 10 minute roll call of “this is how well I’ve done”, but I think we can forgive her that. It was nice to hear, for me especially coming in to the industry very recently, that these big reputations have been hard earned.

The Wine Talk

I really loved it when they got onto talking about the wines, mostly because I could relate to what was being said. Tips that finding the good mid-priced Châteaux in Bordeaux can be some of the best value going. Also that ex-communist countries in Europe are ones to watch for. Good on you Jancis, I with you on those! (I’m sure she’d be so pleased to hear!)

Wasn’t All Fun And Games

There was a bit where Geoff asks Jancis about the quality of wine writing in the modern era and whether anyone coming through is good enough. That’s not the bit that bothered me, the bit that bothered me is that he said words to the effect of “no-one’s writing many indepth, scientific pieces anymore”. Well there’s a reason for that knobby, they’re dull as ditch water and there’s only a tiny percentage of wine drinkers out there that give a shit to read that stuff. They tend to be an ego trip rather than anything actually useful for the punters. Not trying to be too harsh here, just is what it is, no? Or is that just me?

Anyway, overall a good listen for the wine geeks out there. Check it out, see what you think.



Listen to the podcast by clicking here



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