I Met This Wanker At The Weekend!


I got a tweet a few weeks back from Conrad, the man behind the wine and social media phenomenon that is the Wine Wankers. He was going to be in Piemonte and wondered if I had any tips. After we worked out we’d be here at the same time we arranged to meet up and get a few wines supped together!

For anyone who doesn’t know who the Wine Wankers are, they’re wine bloggers from Australia who started a blog about the same time I did. That’s kind of where the comparisons end. They’ve got about a million times more followers than me on any platform you care to mention. Although as we were some of eachother’s first followers, I guess we’ve always kept in touch to an extent. So I was really looking forward to meeting him after so long.

We met at a Barolo tasting night, which was so awesome that it warrants a completely other blog entirely!!! This one is more about actually finally meeting guys and girls you’ve been tweeting with and blogging with for so long.

Conrad’s a lovely fella. He’s clearly into his wine in a big way, which is to be expected, but sometimes wine-o’s aren’t always a-like. Conrad, though, is exactly what the Wine Wankers profess to be; a no-nonsense, down-to-earth wine lover that it was a pleasure to spend a couple of evenings with.

And when he pulled out a couple of bottles of aged Hunter Valley Semillon he’d brought all the way from Sydney for me to try as we nattered away…well…it was a pretty cool evening!



Check out www.winewankers.com, or follow them on Twitter here, Instagram here, or Facebook here

10 thoughts on “I Met This Wanker At The Weekend!”

  1. Is there a reason you wouldn’t shake my right hand? ps… I’m left handed by the way… 😉

    A real highlight meeting you and Linn. Thanks so much for driving me around to taste some sensational wine. I was running out of steam from the big night we had at the Serralunga wine producers dinner but once I sipped each wine I was back into it. And sitting around your folks gaff, drinking some of the best leftovers anyone could until all hours, was amazing.

    Cheers dude!

    1. Our pleasure mate, dipping the feet in the pool and having a natter’s not a bad way of spending the time, eh? Have a top time for your rest of time this side of the world fella, regards to the family!

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