I Met This Wanker At The Weekend!


I got a tweet a few weeks back from Conrad, the man behind the wine and social media phenomenon that is the Wine Wankers. He was going to be in Piemonte and wondered if I had any tips. After we worked out we’d be here at the same time we arranged to meet up and get a few wines supped together!

For anyone who doesn’t know who the Wine Wankers are, they’re wine bloggers from Australia who started a blog about the same time I did. That’s kind of where the comparisons end. They’ve got about a million times more followers than me on any platform you care to mention. Although as we were some of eachother’s first followers, I guess we’ve always kept in touch to an extent. So I was really looking forward to meeting him after so long.

We met at a Barolo tasting night, which was so awesome that it warrants a completely other blog entirely!!! This one is more about actually finally meeting guys and girls you’ve been tweeting with and blogging with for so long.

Conrad’s a lovely fella. He’s clearly into his wine in a big way, which is to be expected, but sometimes wine-o’s aren’t always a-like. Conrad, though, is exactly what the Wine Wankers profess to be; a no-nonsense, down-to-earth wine lover that it was a pleasure to spend a couple of evenings with.

And when he pulled out a couple of bottles of aged Hunter Valley Semillon he’d brought all the way from Sydney for me to try as we nattered away…well…it was a pretty cool evening!



Check out www.winewankers.com, or follow them on Twitter here, Instagram here, or Facebook here



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