How We All Feeling About This Blue Wine Thing?


There’s been quite a bit of back and forth in the UK wine pres over the past few days, followed up by a lot on social media too, about blue wine. Yep, you read that right, blue wine! A group of young entrepreneurs from Spain have developed this drink and if the press are to be believed it’s gone down so well in Spain that it’s about to spread its wings and hit the bars of the UK. But how we all feeling about blue wine?

Gik is a wine made up of a blend of both red and white grapes from the bulk wine growing regions across Spain. Well, it definitely gives them something to do with the excess grapes kicking around! It’s made blue by using naturally extracted dye from both grape skins and other plants. Oh, and just as a kicker at the end, they’re using a non-caloric sweetener to finish it off. So 11.5% abv, semi-sweet, and bright blue. Sound good to you? Hmmm!

My initial thought was “what’s the point?” I’m a firm believer that necessity is the mother of invention. Is the world in need of a bright blue sweet wine that’s going to have everyone walking round with lips resembling Violet Beauregard from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I don’t get it!

Ok, so I’ve not tried it, I don’t know anyone who’s tried it, I may even like it if I did. I assume I’m just missing the point entirely. This isn’t meant to be a serious wine, it’s just a bit of fun. It’ll go into Wetherspoons or Yates’ or whatever, and they’ll sell some bottles to the lads and lasses out to have a good time and not worried about what they’re drinking. It’ll look fun, it’ll taste sweet, and why not if that’s what you’re after. It’ll also help to drain Spain’s wine lake too, so everyone wins eh?

As much as I doubt I’ll be rushing to the shops to stock up my wine rack, good luck to them for having a go. Nothing wrong with a bit of fun is there?!




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