How Not To Do A Blind Tasting…

wine australia

Last week was my second go at the Wine Australia blind tasting competition. The first one had gone pretty well. I’d guessed scored ok, and like with anything you’re trying to get better with so much of it is about confidence. You get a couple of things right you think the world is that little bit rosier. Unfortunately with tasting session two I managed to meff that right up!

For a start I turned up in my football kit. Walking round a wine tasting session in a pair of trackies and a t-shirt didn’t exactly get me in the right frame of mind to take the task seriously.

The reason I was in my footie kit was that I had a game straight after. So not only did I look a bit funny, I was also in a rush. So less time with each wine, less note taking, all in all less of a chance of getting any of it right!

I also got chatting. Now talking to other people at these events is what’s helping me get to know more guys and girls in the industry. However, when you know you’ve only got 45 minutes to get round the 20 wines and then answer your questions, it’s not the brightest of ideas to stand there gabbing for 15 minutes.

Not my finest moment, and my rather measly score confirmed it. Head back on for next time though!





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