Only half the world will ever understand the crippling effect of Man Flu. It just takes you down, from that peak of physical fitness that us fellas live our lives with, down to sniveling wrecks unable to drag ourselves out of bed. Sadly there are only two known cures, regular moaning your arse off and unrequited sympathy from your better half. But what if it strikes when your days revolve around sticking your beak into glasses of wine and having a natter about them?

Can’t Smell A Thing

In all fairness, my man flu these last few days did actually turned into a genuine head cold. I’m not going to die by a long shot, but you know what it’s like, you just end up feeling a little shitty. So trundling off to my first tasting (following a few days in a quiet, dark room) at the Wines of Jura event might not have been the best idea. First and foremost, I couldn’t smell a bloody thing all day!

Getting Amongst It

It’s funny when you’re on the way back up from a viral thing, you feel a tad on the tender side. That’s not the best way to be at a wine tasting. There’s a fair few of you all shoved into a small room and all clambering to get to the front the queue to taste some wines and chat with some winemakers. I wasn’t really up for chalking the elbows and getting stuck in. I just about managed the peripheries and still came out sweating L

Head Full Of Wool

Possibly the most important thing for me when I’m at a tasting is to chat with the winemakers and event organisers. This Wines of Jura event was especially important, as I knew barely anything about the region before walking in the room. Normally that’s a great thing, you get to smash through the info in double quick time. But when your head’s full of wool it’s a bit hard to come up with even half intelligible sentences, let alone leading questions.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad I went, but maybe another couple of hot toddies are in order…




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