How Do You Enjoy Studying For Exams????

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So I can talk about this now. The exam was yesterday, I’ve had a good night’s sleep and I’m back to being a half normal member of society again! Yesterday I had my Unit 1 case study exam for my WSET Diploma. There’s a coursework bit that I’ve got to bin off over the weekend, but for a few reasons it’s always the exam that bothers me the most. But should I be trying to enjoy it a bit more?

That sounds a bit daft. Being from the UK, our entire education system is about exams. I started taking exams at the age of 7, did two lots a year until I was 24, and by the end of it…well I knew how to pass an exam! That’s what I became pretty good at. I can’t remember much about the subject matter, but it doesn’t seem to have been my primary concern, or that of the school I was at!

Fast forward a few years, and a rather unfortunate dalliance with depression later, and it appears that me and adrenalin aren’t exactly best mates. So sitting exams, which used to be my bread and butter, is now just a painful experience of getting through the days leading up to it without going completely bat-shit crazy.

The wife’s been incredible and pointed out that at this stage you should be enjoying learning about the subject. And that’s the stupid thing. This is the first time in 25 years of exams that I’ve loved the subject matter. The coursework on gin is fantastic fun. The case study, on how the supply chain works in the wine industry was also fascinating (and eye opening, you guys in the US, what on earth is going on with that ridiculous state system?!?!).

But could I love it enough to ignore the fact I’m sweating beads in the days leading up to the exam?

Well I’m still here aren’t I? I’ll call that a mini victory!





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