Half Way Through At La Bodega Des Frenchies


The Rugby World Cup is starting to get seriously interesting now. We’re getting to the end of the group stages with most teams only having one or two games left before the it’s all decided and we hit the knockout stage. The New Zealand vs Argentina game was a belter. Japan caused arguably the biggest upset in World Cups by beating South Africa in their opener. And Wales’ victory over England was the start of things to come with two heavyweight teams delivering an enthralling, if not free flowing, contest.

Most of the time I’ve been watching games at home, thanks to missing out on round one of the ticket sales, and being priced out in the rest of the rounds (tickets for games in London are now £100+). But weirdly, for and Englishman, I’ve been out and about and getting stuck into the atmosphere for every French game so far. That’s all thanks to my company, 20h33, and our sponsorship of La Bodega Des Frenchies.

Set up by a few lads from the London French Rugby Club, this event shows all the French group games and all the knockout games at the 229 venue in Great Portland Street. It was meant to be a little piece of France in London, a city with a huge French population. And from someone who is knackering himself out nightly trying to muddle through with his best Franglais, I can tell you they’ve nailed it.

It’s a bit of a shame for me, representing 20h33, that due to the venue’s own bar license obviously I can’t sell any wine. So what we’re doing is donating bottles and running a nightly raffle to raise money for the Serge Betsen Academy. Other than that I’m nattering with the guys down there from La Ferme in Farringdon doing plates of charcuterie, and the nutcase lad from Simmons making fresh crepes for everyone. Oh yeah, and trying to fudge my way through the Marseillaise each night!

It’s a top venue to watch some rugby, so if anyone’s knocking around, then do come on over and say hi!





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