Going To California With Some Drinking In My Mind…La La La La!


I’ve only ever been to the States with work in my old job. So I’ve done the Manhattan and Brooklyn thing, and even had a couple of days up in Boston with the most blinding hangover I can remember in years! But I’ve never been over the West Coast. My brother-in-law lived there for four years and loved every minute. Wine-o friends of mine, notably Ant Davies of @CheltenhamGrape, went on a tour and have never been the same since. It’s right up there on my to-do list. And then an email turned up…

Sunnier Skies

There’s a press trip coming up out to Napa and Sonoma in March, and all I can think of was that they needed someone to come and help with the luggage at the airport, because I got an invite!!! I’m absolutely stoked, least of all because I’m desperate for some sun. Someone please tell me that California is sunny in March, please!!

Need Your Help

Now comes the bit where I need your help. We’ve been thus far given a bit of a blank canvas as far as the itinerary goes. I’m looking for great wines and great laughs. I’m looking for nutter winemakers who are going to spend their days throwing amazing wines at us and also might let me have a go on their quad bikes or horses or something like that!

No, But Seriously Folks…

I’m really after wineries and winemakers that will let me come back to the UK raving about Californian wines. My opinions are always subject to change, but to be completely honest Californian wine in most of the UK is either really shit brand stuff, or ridiculously expensive top end stuff. I doubt it’ll be tough to convince me that there are amazing wines out there, but are there guys and girls who are successfully exporting their wines around the world? I’d love to meet them too!

So there you go boys and girls, anyone who’s been out to Napa and Sonoma before get those suggestions in please 🙂




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