Getting Time To Get Your Brosé On


So the marketing guys and girls have come out with this term “Brosé”. It’s where rosé wines are starting to get guzzled by blokes as well as lasses.   More power to it I reckon, I’m a rosé lover and proud! But why is it something that people still feel like they need to hush up? Why do my mates give me a right old barracking if I ever pick some of the pink?

I guess rosé has really been bashed pretty hard by the big brand rosés. What are we looking at here? Mateus Rosé took the drinking world by storm in the 60s and 70s, but when most people had collected a bottle to use as a novelty candle holder and decided to actually work out whether the wine was any good or not, it was left wanting to an extent. Fast forward to the best friend on any girls’ night out, White Zinfandel, but not the well made stuff, we’re talking the cheapest of cheap sweet crap (sorry, I can’t pretend to remotely like this stuff). The more (in)famous wines make rosé seem overly sickly to drink.

The new generation of rosés out there are changing plenty of tunes. Ok, they’re not new as such, more that they’re getting more shelf space these days. From the light styles of Provence, the mineral styles of Bordeaux, to the heavy fruit styles of Northern Spain. There really is something for everyone these days and we’re all getting stuck in. Sainsburys alone sold 15 million bottles of rosé in 2015. So ‘fess up gents, I know you’re with me on this.

So it’s time we all felt proud. This summer, when you’re dusting off the BBQ tongues, make sure you’ve got a bit of pink in the fridge.




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