Getting Stuck In The Middle Of Twitter Battles


When I started off doing the blog I’d never even touched Twitter or Instagram or anything of that before. As I mentioned yesterday I had a rather shitty profile on LinkedIn that I wasn’t doing much with, and obviously I had a Facebook account, but again rarely checked it. So getting stuck into social media in a bigger way was a bit of an ongoing learning curve.

Most of the time it’s great. You get a few great interactions with people all the way round the world that are into the same things you’re into. You get to e-meet shed loads of people and you get to be involved in the world of (in my case) wine without having to sit in a back office at an importers for 5 years first.

Occasionally though you see the dark side of it all. Last week I was dragged into a twitter hate campaign against one account. I had nothing to do with the argument, but people having a go at this account decided it’d be a great idea to add my @PBMMW to all their posts. If fact it was mine and another couple of accounts that got cc’ed in to all the diatribe. None of us had a clue what it was all about, but our names were being dragged into the argument. What can you do?

A mate of mine who runs a large social media wine thing out in Australia has had issues before. You’re meant to just stick your head down, ignore it, and hope they get bored eventually. But in this case none of it was directed at me or these other two accounts. Why should we have to sit there and ignore a load of bollocks when it’s got nothing to do with us in the first place?

Hey ho, I guess these things happen!



15 thoughts on “Getting Stuck In The Middle Of Twitter Battles”

  1. there is actually not much you can do in the case like that. You can technically speak up and ask the others to exclude you from the conversation. If you have to, you can block people. Not sure if there are any other options out there…

      1. Yes, I agree. I would do the same. People are surprisingly vicious in the virtual world – it seems that they don’t even care that it is a human being on another end; they take pleasures in those attacks…

      2. I think as someone said, because it’s faceless, there’s almost a “no limits” approach to online slating. Saddest thing was this was during the time of the Beirut/Bagdad/Paris attacks. I think perspective is lost on some people 🙁

  2. I second the vote for blocking. One of our twitter chat groups was invaded by a bunch of porn accounts. Tedious, but I blocked every one & reported them. After a few days they left and never came back.

      1. Yes, and kinda frightening. That’s the down side to social media is every one thinks their thoughts and opinions are so important and people can bully others without any real repercussions.

  3. I have never understood the compulsion some people have for nastiness. Contribute to the conversation, even disagree . . . but be civil. Why tear others down and completely apart? I don’t get it. (And sorry you got tangled in it — block away!!).

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