Getting Schooled In Pakistani Food With A Belting Chicken Korma


Right so all the social media guff is out of the way for the week, we can get back onto the main business of talking about wine, and in this post food! Last weekend I met up with a mate of mine from my uni days up in Edinburgh. It was one of those that through one reason or another we’d not seen each other for ages, during which time we’d both got married, moved houses, and all that, so the catch up was long overdue!

He’s the guy that a couple of years back nearly knocked us all for six with one of the hottest curries I’d ever eaten in my life. But weirdly I can still remember how delicious it was! So when he and his wife offered to host and cook I jumped at the chance. Obviously sticking a roll of toilet roll in the freezer as a precaution!

I needn’t have worried. His lovely missus made what can only be described as the most gorgeous korma I’d ever eaten. Gone are the days of the bright yellow, coconut essence fuelled high street mild effort. This was so full of flavour, a great kick of heat to it (which helped my wife’s cold no end!), and made with chicken drumsticks and thighs, the best bits of the chicken to make any slow cooked stew!

When it came to wine pairing I did a quick check on the web, and ended up where I always end up, at Fiona Beckett’s website. Chicken Korma and Viognier apparently! So we had a bottle of the Yalumba Viognier from Waitrose at £12.99. It’s got plenty of body to cope with the thick, flavoursome curry, and the buttery finish went great with the creamy aftertaste of the korma. Cheers Fiona, you’ve nailed it again!

Thanks so much to Ammar and Saman for a top evening





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