Getting Into The Wine Industry #1: Intro to the Series


2015 is shaping up to be a big old year for me. Not only have I finally got round to sticking my ugly mug up on YouTube in order to push this wine blogging idea a bit further, I’ve also made the slightly dubious (but amazingly fun) to actually enter the wine industry. Like, for real!

I’m now the UK director of 20h33! Sounds good, huh?

Quick one on 20h33. It was started by a fella called Jean-Benoit Auzely (from here on in and forever known as JB!) who’s based down in and around Saint Emilion in the Bordeaux region of France. JB’s a master of marketing and all round good guy, and 3 years on he’s holding the reigns of one of the fastest growing brokerages in France, selling the wines of Bordeaux to private clients across France.

I met him a year and half ago, and we became great friends. When I (finally) left my old job, he was stood right there with a proposition: “Do you fancy giving it a go in the UK?” Does a one-legged duck swim in circles???

So, with absolutely zero experience in the real world wine industry I’ve taken the plunge. There’s going to be tears, there’s going to be frustrations, but most of all there’s going to be lots and lots of laughs!

So using Please Bring Me My Wine, this is going to be an unofficial diary about what it’s like to learn the ropes in the wine industry.  It’ll only be once a fortnight, but trust me, I’ll mess up at least once or twice every fortnight! At least we can all have a good giggle about it!



BTW…the UK website is up and running, I’d love people to sign up at



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