Getting A Bollocking


I was invited down to check out the Rhone Touch exhibition in Kings Cross last week. It’s something that the Rhone Wine people have done in conjunction with Central Saint Martins art school to get people enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the wines in a…well…arty way! I’ll be chatting more about that tomorrow. But today it’s all about what happened when I was there. I got a right bollocking!

I went with a mate of mine who’s looking to get stuck into the catering business, so I really wanted him to come along and see how it all works on a scale like this exhibition. We turned up, went straight to the bar and ordered a couple of glasses of wine. I popped my phone out and started taking a couple of pictures of the wine being poured, the bar area, and the label. You know, general stuff like that. Then all hell broke loose!

“You!! What are you doing???” This lass came belting over to me from one end of the bar area. I said I was just taking a couple of pictures of the bar and the drinks, as a bit of a press thingy. This did not go down well. How dare I take photos of any of the staff members without their permission!!! Telling her I wasn’t, just of the drinks didn’t seem to calm her down much. I was really taken aback!

I’ve been thinking about it a lot in the past few days. It’s just stuck in my head. At what point does taking a couple of pictures constitute an invasion of privacy? Part of me thinks it was a huge over reaction. We live in London, we’re on about 3 different CCTV cameras at anyone time anyway. We also live in a world of social media, where everyone takes pictures of everything anyway. But then on the otherside, maybe I should have asked? I guess it’s not much fun having your picture taken without your say so, even if I wasn’t focusing on anyone in particular, just the drinks…

What do you all reckon?




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