Get Investing in the ETO Decanter


Very few times do you see a gadget come out in the wine world when you think that it’d genuinely have mass market appeal. It’s got to have a practical use, look good, and also (and let’s be fair, most importantly) be affordable. I got an email the other day from a team running a KickStarter campaign for something that genuinely ticks all three, a wine decanter called the ETO. And this blog post is because there’s only 2 days left to get involved online…

What Is It?

The whole premise is that you pour your bottle of wine into this thing, and use the airtight seal to make the wine last quite a few days longer than it would if you just stuck the cork back in and popped it in the fridge, which is usually only good for a day or two for freshness, and 3 or 4 days before it’s undrinkable. This ETO will keep the freshness going for over a week, as tried and tested by Richard Hemming MW.


Pretty Well Priced

There are a few different price points, but models are roughly between £70 and £90 quid for a unit. Ok, it’s not a £10 novelty purchase, but this is prime birthday or Christmas territory for the winelover in your life. And if you invest in the kickstarter campaign, you get a few quid off the RRP too.

Sleek Looking Thing

And in terms of how it looks? Well just look at it! It’s so nicely designed isn’t it? I’m gutted that I couldn’t make it down to the presentation do with Tom Harrow the other night (it was the night before my exams the other week), but I’m sold.


Get Investing

Check out the kickstarter campaign, and see what you reckon. There are so many incredible comments from the great and good of the UK wine scene, this little bugger’s got some legs!





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