Fun and Games With My Gin Coursework

gin day 1

Regular readers will know that I’ve just finished my coursework for my first year of Diploma studies. I think everyone I spoke to on my course knew that we got pretty lucky. Our topic was gin, basically the hows and whys it’s now such a big deal in the spirit industry compared with 30 years ago. Now, along with about 50 of my classmates, I’m a complete gin geek!

When I was writing it I was thinking about what I could do to make it a bit value-added. Funnily enough I was thinking about this at a cricket club dinner and was sat opposite a good mate of mine who just so happens to have been a bit of a player in the drinks industry for 40 years (he personally invented Baileys and the idea behind Tanqueray Ten)! Interviews sounded a good plan. So Off went the emails, phone calls etc as I went cap-in-hand to anyone I thought would be interesting to talk to.

The over-riding thing about why gin is popular again is that it’s fun and interesting again. And most of the time those guys and girls in the industry are enthusiasts who just love to natter about it. So funnily enough I got a lot of very kind replies offering their time.

From the head spirits buyer at Waitrose, to a start up gin maker in a railway bridge in Hackney (the amazing 58 Gin), and even the barman at Gaucho who introduced me to Columbian Barrel Aged Gin (pictured above). They were all great to chat with, and a huge thanks to all for their efforts. Hope I did you all justice!





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