Fritto Misto – Italian For Heart Failure!

Fritto Misto

Last weekend, when I was over in Italy for my sister’s wedding celebration we headed off to a restaurant with her fella and his parents on the last day before we headed back. This was a place we had to try apparently. Normally when an Italian says that to you, then just go with it! You’re about to get an experience, and this trip was no different.

The famous dish, or menu I should say, at this place was its Fritto Misto. That’s basically deep fried everything! The batter they use isn’t the heavy stuff that we’re used to in the UK with our fish and chips. This is polenta batter. It’s a pretty thin coating and just adds a bit of toasty crispiness to whatever’s inside. Sometimes that’s mazing, and sometimes it’s better just not to know!

We washed it down with the local Metodo Classico sparkling wine (classic method production, same as in Champagne and Cava). It’s made from a little known grape called Erbaluce, which has spades of acidity to refresh the mouth after each bite.

The usual fillings of these things are really tasty. Veal escalopes, sausages, courgettes and their leaves, and egg plant. I can even do the veal brain. It’s really pretty tasty once you mentally get over yourself. The one I really struggled with was one in the picture above in the bottom right. Any guesses? It was spinal cord. Deep fried spinal cord. But sod it, I had a go at it. Didn’t enjoy it, but I had a go!

Luckily deep fried dessert was on its way. Deep fried doughnuts, peach slices, and amaretti biscuits really helped my taste buds forget the spinal cord exoerience. I left the meal full as a blister, a couple of years closer to the grave, but well fed!

An unforgettable experience, but I don’t think the heart will cope with more than once in a blue moon.





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