Friday Night Drinks Market


I writing this quick before I’ve got to get my shit together and head off to do my second night at the Startisans Market. It’s been a slow morning after spending yesterday catching up with old friends and running a wine dinner. Probably had a couple more glasses than I should have, and it’s left me a little bit fuzzy this morning. Luckily I had such a good time last week that I’ll get through the funk and have a great time.

Basically it’s an indoor drinks market from 5 til 10 on a Friday night in the centre of Covent Garden. I bring down the wine, we’ve got lads and lasses with cider, beer, mead, and yeah just a great atmosphere down there. Bit of live music, great chatter, and really easy going way of running things. Sure we work hard, but there’s hard work and there’s working hard. They’re not the same thing!

I had this worry before I turned up the first time. Are people going to want buy bottles of wine off me for £15, £20, even £25 a bottle? Then I kind of thought how silly that was. Here I am selling wine in the middle of London for people out having a good time. You head to the pub and you’re going to be paying £25 for a bottle of paintstripper, so me offering a bottle of Pomerol for £25? Yeah I think that’s fair enough, right?

So if you’re knocking around central London any Friday after work, then pop on in and I’ll sort you out with something nice. I promise! 🙂




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