Free Aussie Wine Tasting? Where Do I Sign?!


In a few days time it’s Australia Day. Well in exactly three weeks actually, and Aussies across the world will be celebrating the arrival of those first few convict ships over to Sydney in 1788. It’s going to be standing room only at the Walkabout on Embankment I can tell you. It’s also a great excuse for the lovely boys and girls at Wine Australia to do a tasting show for us all. You little ripper!!


I’ve only ever been to Australia once, and that was back when the most sophisticated drinking I did was anything over a pound a pint. Alas I never got to have a go round any of the vineyards over there. Since joining the wine industry, and hence becoming skint, I can only dream of flying out there at some point. But those fine chaps and chapettes at Wine Australia have sorted the next best thing and flown the wine, wineries, and winemakers over here to have a natter with instead.


It’s free to register if you’re a wine-o like us and just head onto the link below if you fancy coming down. It’ll be full of wines from all over Oz, and all kinds of different grapes on show. Although I think myself, I’ll be grabbing a little table and a little chair and plonking myself anywhere near someone from Eden Valley! 🙂


There is one slight catch.  Unfortunately for some of you, it’s trade only, but if you’re in the drinks trade (on-trade, off-trade, distributor, agent, educator, media…) sign up now…

London – 24th January      (SIGN UP HERE FOR LONDON)

Edinburgh – 26th January

Dublin – 30th January


I went last year and loved the ranges. Go treat yourself to a day out with some of the best wines that Australia’s got to show for itself.


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