Finding Somewhere To Put Your Wine

wine storage

If you live in central London then you probably live in a flat. Unless you’ve won the lottery or you’ve got some ridiculous oil fund behind you that is. I don’t tick either of those boxes, so flat it is! Not that I mind. I’m one of those people that has to go round checking all the lights and plugs are off before I can sleep. If I lived in anything bigger I’d never go to bed!

But it does leave a bit of an issue when you think about where to store wine if you start buying one or two bottles. There are a few companies that offer the service, and they can be especially good if you’ve bought wine as an investment and need to prove they’ve been well looked after. Personally I can’t stand the idea of buying a wine you’re not going to drink. So screw that. I made my own cellar in my Dad’s basement.

It’s not so much that I’ve got loads of expensive, precious bottles. I really don’t. But it’s about the space. You don’t need a lot, but you do need some. So we checked that the temperature and humidity were right, then flagged the floor, got some shelving and racks in there, and now it’s working pretty well.

Slight snag is that it’s 150 miles away from my flat. So at the minute it’s only when I visit my family that I drink any of it. So I guess I can spare one or two to cope with the odd bit of “Dad tax”!





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