Famous Wines From Piemonte


Whilst we’re in the season of Piemonte, with the competition and everything, I thought I’d continue with a kind of Piemonte 101. As we heard from last time, Piemonte’s up in the North West of Italy, in that little bit in between France, Switzerland, and the sea. Directly translated to “the foot of the mountains” it’s where the alps calm down a bit and the hills start.

Piemonte produces a lot of food and produce, but it’s most famous for Fiat, footy, and food. A car mad city, playing host to both Torino and Juventus football clubs, and chock full of Nutella from the local Ferrero factory. Oh yes, I said Nutella! Oh and the wine’s not bad either.

When you come across any new wine or food region I think going for the random and obscure stuff first off just confuses you. So let’s just stick to 3 reds and a couple of whites to start with. 

In terms of reds, Barolo and Barbaresco are the famous ones. Beautiful wines from the Nebbiolo grape, unfortunately both usually come with “famous wine” price tags. The bread and butter grape of Piemonte is Barbera, great foodie wine, and prices much more acceptable for the first time boozer.

The whites are mostly fresh and minerally in style. If you like you fish and shellfish dishes then you’re going to have a good time with these! Gavi Di Gavi rules the PR battle with Arneis, but again a good Arneis is cheaper than a good Gavi Di Gavi, so definitely worth having in mind!

Right, that’s your 5 wines to keep your eye out for. That’ll do for now!




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