English Wine Is Heading For China!


Just read a great bit of news for English in the European Supermarket Magazine. Waitrose, one of the UK’s leading (and one of the fanciest) supermarkets is getting stuck into the export business and sending sparkling wines from England all the way over to the other side of the world and letting them loose on the affluent wine-loving Chinese middle classes. Happy days!

Serious Wines

English wine is still trying to shake this stigma that it received a few decades back of just a few hobbyists having a go at making something drinkable in their back garden. Even in England we’re struggling to convince the general public that English wine these days is seriously premium stuff, with huge swathes of investment and expertise coming in from all over the place, including Champagne itself.

Big Statement

So this is a massive statement for English Wine. That Waitrose is investing time and energy, and their reputation in shifting some units over to China is fantastic. Luckily they’re in safe hands as they look to move wines from Ridgeview, Wiston Estate, Camel Valley, and Waitrose’s very own vineyards at Leckford Estate. They’re all belters and have been selling great for the previous two years on the shelves.

Good Luck

Congrats to Waitrose and the producers, and bring on the world!




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