Crash Course In Accounting


When I used to work in banking I had to learn how to be an Excel geek pretty quick. People think I’m taking the piss when I say that only 10 years ago we used to make our spreadsheets to track the risk on our trading books. It was a packet of sticky backed plastic short of being something out of Blue Peter! Worryingly inefficient risk systems aside, it got me used to being happy having a go at things myself.

So fast forward a few months and I’m starting to wonder about why I’m paying for someone to do my year end accounts when all I’m doing is buying wine in from France and selling it in the UK. Surely it can’t be rocket science to track that, right? So I’ve decided to have a go with EasyBooks, an app I picked up that a few people I know have used.

Ok so it’s not rocket science, but filling in transactions and stock purchases and all that stuff, going back 16 months is soooooooo painful. My brain is just desperate to catch up and get on with the normal day to day of chatting about and learning about the good stuff, and flogging some great wines to some (hopefully) happy punters.

But for now, it’s head-down time!


9 thoughts on “Crash Course In Accounting”

  1. You just need to get in to the habit of recording every transaction & then it comes easy.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I don´t know how people in your former profession do it, all the accounting and maths and you have to be extremely organize…. if they put me in and accounting postion on a bank I would probably banckrupt it in a week. Not made for that. The only discipline and being neat and organize I got was in the army, and I wasn´t the best at it, for sure. So I really look up to you people, which has to be quite boring no? All day shifting through papers and making sure every dollar is suppose to go where it goes or whatever the accounting people do, I relly have no idea. Never needed and acountant, and if I need one know… would certainly be quite easy for the person to “account me”. He would look at my spreadsheet and say, banckrupt

      1. We do have to have a whole range of people that are good at different things I guess, if all they where “arty” then I doubt society would work.

      2. That´s true, maybe for a bit it would be a “helluva” of a time, sort of like the 60´s in the U.S, all those hippies, sex, love, rock n roll, drugs, and later on everybody screwed up, but for a short period of time it was great that´s for sure

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