Cornish Vineyard Gets Top Accolade From The EU


I’ve just had an email through form the English Wine Producers marketing board about a very cool thing that’s just been announced for Camel Valley. Based in Cornwall, a county in the far South West of England, they’ve just been granted protected status by the EU for a specific plot of vineyards called Darnibole, and in doing so have become the first single vineyard site in the UK to be granted the honour. Yeghes da!!

Big Up For Bacchus

It comes with attached rules and regs of course. But for me that’s one of the great things about it. It only applies to wines made entirely from Bacchus, a grape that gets a lot of grief for being an also ran grape. Well I love Bacchus wines, and the EU is honouring the grape here as well by writing it into law. Darnibole Bacchus has been creaming awards for many vintages now, and this is well-deserved recognition.

Enjoy It For Now

Of course there’s obviously the slight irony that Cornwall was one of the surprises in the Brexit, as the majority of the county voted to leave the EU. As and when we do, Protected Status like this won’t mean anything anymore, but let’s enjoy it while it lasts eh? It’s a great boost for Camel Valley, Cornish Wine, and wine in England in general.




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