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Busy time at the minute with 20h33, with a mixture of wine dinners and sales for Christmas. But it’s definitely a good busy, so I’m definitely not complaining! I’m sure everyone’s gearing down into the year end at the minute, and why not eh? This year’s flown by for me, and I’m now giving it the old “can you believe it’s December already?” Starting to sound worryingly middle aged about it all!!

This week on Please Bring Me My Wine I’m going to kick it off with a chat about photos. I have dragged myself kicking and screaming into taking better photos over the last 2 years. I was useless, I’m now less useless. I’ll take about the apps I’m using, and am fully open to suggestions about how to do it better!

I’ll be chatting about last week’s 20h33 night, the first one I’ve run at the wonderful La Ferme Restaurant in Farringdon in London. Great food, great wine (naturally!), and a good bunch of guests, so all happy days there!

I’ll be chatting about the fun that is wandering round and peddling for business when you’re a new company. The awkwardness is tough at times, but you don’t ask you then don’t get. I’ll be talking strategy and levels of success later in the week.

I’ll finish up the week with a bit on wine and music matching. Has it got legs? Or is it just a bit of a fad that gives us something else to bore people with? Well we’ll try and find out won’t we?

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