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Managed to skip a day last week as I’ve been over in Paris running a wine tasting night for 20h33. So I guess I’ve got a bit of catching up to do this week. But most of the days are pretty much pre written. Given that by Tuesday it’ll be December, I can start talking about things like Christmas wines without feeling too daft.

So that’s how the week will go. I got asked by the guys and girls at La Playa Insurance to write a bit about Christmas wines. They wanted me to go for the full price range, so I’ll be doing an “under a tenner”, “money is no object”, and a “wildcard” option for each of sparkling, whites, reds, and sweets and fortifieds.

What’d help me massively is if anyone out there reading could get in touch by replying to the blog, or on Twitter or Facebook, and let me know the kind of foods they eat over the holidays, or if they have any traditions that are worth a mention.

For us it’s all about bacon muffins and a glass of bubbles first thing on the 25th. Just doesn’t feel right without it anymore!





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