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28th Sept

It was a pretty good week, last week, for me. Mostly because I didn’t have to sit infront of the computer all day long doing mind numbing admin tasks! I actually got outside into the free fresh air (well, as fresh as the air gets in London!) and headed off to wine tastings and meetings galore! The oyster card took a hammering, but was great fun.

I started off with a trip to meet up with a fella called Rob, who is bringing over cherry infused wines from Le Marche in Italy. I’ll be writing a post about what he’s up to and how and when you’re meant to drink cherry-infused wines!

I had my first stint manning the stalls at La Bodega Des Frenchies last Wednesday night as France took on Romania in the Rugby World Cup. Met a few cracking people down there, and I’ll be letting you know about the set up and how to come on down and enjoy the rugby.

It was the Cru Bourgeois tasting in London last week as well. I’m very lucky to be on the radar of Louise Hill, who runs one of the top wine PR firms in the UK. So I managed to sneak an invite to that to taste my way through the 2013 vintages. Some surprising results from that, so tune in for them.

And last, but not least, I ran a really fun corporate tasting session on Friday for a group of shrinkage experts. Don’t know what that is? Neither did I! Needless to say the explanations got better after a few glasses. I’ll be doing a quick blog on what I got out of that afternoon.

This week I’ve got to get my arse in gear and start writing up my WSET gin project. There’s also quite a few tasting sessions on around town, including a premium Aussie Wine session. Tough life, eh?!

Have top weeks everyone!





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